Mark Bates on CoffeeScript Techniques, Frameworks, and Tools [Online Code]


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  • Learn Mark Bates on CoffeeScript Techniques, Frameworks, and Tools from a professional trainer on your own time at your own desk.
  • This visual training method offers users increased retention and accelerated learning.
  • Breaks even the most complex applications down into simplistic steps.
Number of Videos: 9.5 hours – 33 lessons
Author:Mark Bates
User Level: Beginner
Developers in the Ruby world who’ve heard Mark Bates speak at confabs like RubyConf and RailsConf know him as an engaging advocate for CoffeeScript, the “It’s just JavaScript” language. He’s followed CoffeeScript since its infancy, wrote a definitive book on the topic in 2012, and uses it in the work he performs for his top tier clients. Who better to show you the core of CoffeeScript and the cool hidden things inside it than Bates himself? In this video, he uses his friendly conversational approach and hands-on exercises to move you through five key components of this must-know language. – Discover the differences of using a fat arrow vs. a skinny arrow when defining functions – Learn the quickest way to test JavaScript in a Rails application – Explore how to add client-side subscriptions using EventSource and the Sinatra streaming API – Generate source map files and use them to debug CoffeScript code in the browser – Build a jQuery plug-in using Jasmine, Guard, and test driven development

System Requirements:

  • Supported OS:   [Mac Mountain Lion 10.8, Mac Lion 10.7, Mac Snow Leopard 10.6, Mac Leopard 10.5, Mac OS X, Macintosh]
  • Processor:   Any
  • RAM:   Any
  • Hard Disk:   3GB
  • Video Card:   Any


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