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  • Learn Encryption from a professional trainer on your own time at your own desk.
  • This visual training method offers users increased retention and accelerated learning.
  • Breaks even the most complex applications down into simplistic steps.

Number of Videos: 7.25 hours – 53 lessons
Author:Brian Sletten
User Level:Beginner

Software developers world-wide place a great deal of trust in the encryption technologies used to protect privacy and sensitive data. What could go wrong? Plenty, says security and encryption expert Brian Sletten in this wide ranging overview of the history, methods, technologies, goals, and perhaps most importantly, limitations of encryption. The video offers a high level discussion of the theories behind encryption as well as a lower level detailed explanation of the technologies and methods used in encryption today.

  • Receive a comprehensive overview of the history, methods, technologies, goals, and limitations of encryption
  • Learn to make practical reasoned choices regarding the forms of encryption to avoid and the forms to deploy
  • Explore stream ciphers, block ciphers, authenticated encryption systems, and symmetric key encryption
  • Discover why the widely used MD-5 hashing algorithm should no longer be used for most encryption purposes
  • Familiarize yourself with Transport Level Security (TLS), the most widely-used Internet encryption mechanism
  • Learn to deploy DHKE, the asymmetric key exchange protocol for establishing encrypted Internet channels
  • Understand RSA, the encryption features it enables, and why it’s the standard for digitally-signing electronic documents
  • Learn to recognize encryption attacks and why government demands for backdoors might cripple modern cryptography

Brian Sletten runs Bosatsu Consulting, Inc., which focuses on security, encryption, and other forward-leaning technologies. Sletten’s twenty-three year software engineering career spans many industries including retail, banking, online games, defense, finance, hospitality and health care. He is author of the O’Reilly titles Resource-Oriented Architectures : Hypermedia, Introduction to Secure Software, Trusted VS. Trustworthy, and What Is Good Enough Security? He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the College of William and Mary.

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Processor:  Any
RAM:  Any
Hard Disk:  3GB
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