Facebook Advertising: How to Leverage Today’s Most Profitable Advertising Platform


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Today’s Most Profitable Advertising Platform – Don’t Miss out!

My initial aim for this book was very clear: share all of my Facebook Advertising expertise with you. I wanted to teach you the lessons and tricks I have learned day-in and day-out throughout my career. Soon enough, I learned this was not possible. The book was setting out to be hundreds of pages long, with far too many complex examples requiring very large sets of numerical data . As a marketer, I immediately understood this was not suited to my audience.

You are interested in a book that will teach you how to DESIGN, LAUNCH and EVALUATE profitable campaigns FROM SCRATCH

Maybe you are also interested in more advanced features (such as layered audience targeting) to help you optimize the long-term performance your campaigns. So I scrapped my initial layout and began writing a brand new guide to fulfil these demands. I have designed this book very carefully and with a minimalistic approach; I have only included features that will bring you direct value.


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