Email Marketing: Essential know-how and strategies for success

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Email Marketing

Essential know-how and strategies for success

Email marketing has proven to be a marketing method which is especially sustainable and effective, and should therefore be part of any online marketing strategy. Email marketing has long meant much more than just sending out newsletters — modern email marketing is all about sending the right e-mail to the right person at the right time. Approaches like segmentation and personalization are increasingly transforming marketing emails from anonymous mass mailings into customized communications. Lifecycle email marketing aims at having customers always getting the right message, regardless of whether they’re prospective customers, new customers or regular customers. The competition between companies carried out within email inboxes for user attention is forcing companies to place greater emphasis on personalized emails, relevant content and attractive design so that their emails will be opened and read.

This book explains how to design relevant emails, develop successful email marketing strategies, build subscriber lists and write effective email text. It also explains how to ensure email deliverability, how to select a suitable email sending solution, and how to make use of state-of-the-art analytical tools to track the success of email marketing campaigns.

The contents at a glance:

  • Email Marketing in the Marketing Mix
  • Creating Relevance
  • Developing a Strategy
  • Gaining Subscribers
  • Ensuring Deliverability
  • Designing Marketing Emails
  • Organizing Your Sending System
  • Measuring Results and Optimizing Strategies

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