East-Commerce: China E-Commerce and the Internet of Things


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A New E-Commerce Model is Coming from the Eastit is More Advanced and it is Spreading Worldwide

China is now the biggest e-commerce market, hardware producer and soon Internet of Things player in the world. Written by a world-recognized expert, this eye-opening treatment allows readers a rare glimpse into how China will shape the global online world for the next decade.

Featuring hundreds of interviews, with influential companies and investors such as Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, Xiaomi, Yihaodian, Cogobuy, Rocket Internet, Didi-Kuaidi Taxi, Snapdeal, Tokopedia, DST Global, Credit Suisse, UBS, Qiming Ventures and many more, this ground-breaking guide provides exceptional firsthand accounts of the key considerations to making lucrative investments in this powerful sector.

East-Commerce enables you to:

  • Understand how China’s e-commerce explosion began and where it is heading
  • See where China is shaping investments and innovation all over the globe
  • Examine why China’s model is better suited for developing economies
  • Go in-depth into how and where others are finding opportunity and success

The new business models coming out of China offer a variety of new growth opportunities to international companies. Understanding how China’s online market operates gives you the edge when building a global strategy.

Praise for East-Commerce

“I have never read such a penetrating exploration of China’s e-commerce scene. Not only does it cover the unique characteristics of China’s e-commerce landscape but it also delves into the cultural motivators of the Chinese people who are uniquely passionate about online shopping.”
TOM DOCTOROFF, CEO, J Walter Thomson Asia, author of Billions and What Chinese Want

“As China now becomes the world’s largest e-commerce market, this book provides a timely and insightful analysis for investors looking for opportunities in China.”
AMY LO, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive, UBS Hong Kong

“East-Commerce is an insightful and entertaining guide to the e-commerce boom in Asia’s emerging markets. Filled with interviews and anecdotes from leading entrepreneurs and businesses, Marco Gervasi has written the most comprehensive book on the topic I’ve seen.”
PORTER ERISMAN, former VP, Alibaba; author, Alibaba’s World

“Inquisitive and well-articulated, East-Commerce describes in a unique way how China is leapfrogging the West in many key online sectorsa must read.”
JOHN LINDFORS, Managing Partner and Director, DST Investment Management, former Partner Goldman Sachs

“East Commerce provides incredible insight into the technological and cultural changes going on in China. It is especially valuable for multinational companies doing business in China to re-frame their thinking and marketing approach and to build loyalty in this massive market.”
CHANDOS QUILL, VP Global Data Solutions, Merkle Inc.

“East-Commerce gives an insider’s perspective on what it’s like to operate in the biggest e-commerce market in the worldeach one of my team members has this book on their desk.”
BRUNO FELTRACCO, VP and Managing Director, The North Face Asia Pacific

“Marco Gervasi delivers crucial insight into the global implications associated with the increasing relevance and reach of the ‘East-Commerce’ model.”
MICHAEL INJAYCHOCK, Sr. Director, Touchpoint Optimization, Eli Lilly and Company

“East-Commerce reads more like a novel than a text book as it details the evolution of the Chinese ecommerce marketplace and offers great insight into how to successfully navigate the complicated landscape.”
RICHARD RUSSELL, Director Media Strategy, Deckers Outdoor Corporation

“Digital disruption is taking place with incredible speed and intensity in China and with it, tremendous innovation and entrepreneurship. Marco Gervasi has chronicled this development with first-hand knowledge and experience in this book. I recommend it to those who care about what is truly changing China and therefore, the world.”
EDWARD TSE, author, China’s Disruptors


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