Get a 6 pack abs in 45 days!

Get a 6 pack abs in 45 days!Click Image To Visit SiteWith my diet and exercise routine you’re going to burn those accumulated in your belly fat, there is nothing more beautiful and admired than a belly flat! more details below ..

Nothing says I’m fit as abs! as we see in models, magazines, tv. Both men and women alike loves and admire a good gym body look, but nothing attracts more women than a 6 pack marked tummy.

Food vs. Fats / About Fats / Foods that help burn fat accumulated in the belly 1 – low-fat dairy products / 2 – . Citrus / 3 – . Melon / 4 – . Walnuts / 5 – . Almonds / 6 – . Avena / and many others / Bonus Track

Things you need to know about foods / PREPARATION IS KEY LIQUID / What about the soda / light sodas?

Meals Well I present my detailed diet plan to burn fat and gain protein ! weekly and daily diet 🙂

Exercise Plan Tips before you start the routine: Train all groups / not overtrain / Caring diet / not obsess / Drinking water / Train intensely abdomen / variety of exercises / Patience ( all detailed why how … etc ? )

Plan Exercises : Exercises to tone your abs – EXERCISE – CARDIO – Reps 1. BICYCLE / 2. PUSH UP LEG / 3. ABDOMINAL LEG WITH UPRIGHT / 4 . ABDOMINAL WITH BALL ( BALL O ) / 5 . ABDOMINAL OR CRUNCHES (All explained step by step !)

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