Fat Burner – Best Diet to Lose Weight – How to Lose Stomach Fat

I accidentally stumbled onto two studies that created the foundation for Turbulence Training and has now changed the course of fat loss training forever. In one landmark study, researchers at Laval University in Quebec compared slow, steady aerobic training with interval training in a fat loss study. The researchers were shocked to find that the interval training group lost more fat than the cardio group. In the second landmark study that helped create Turbulence Training, researchers found that performing 8 reps per set of an exercise helped women burn more calories after exercise in comparison to using 12 reps per exercise.

Most people don’t have their fat distributed evenly throughout their bodies. Each of us inherits a genetically determined and hormonally-influenced pattern of fat storage just as we inherit our eye or hair color. In other words, the fat seems to “stick” to certain areas more than others.There’s a scientific reason for this. Your fat cells are not just inert “storage tanks” for excess fuel. They are actually endocrine glands which send and receive signals from the rest of the body. You could say that your fat cells “talk to your body” and your body “talks to your fat cells.”

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