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Epic Boot camp games - Unique Bootcamp Workouts EbookClick Image To Visit SiteBut that’s not the truth, or why else would you see them in the gym a week later or ‘claiming an offer’ for a rival camp on facebook?

Local boot camps, gym’s and a ton of other new & well established fitness providers…

There’s a chance that if you don’t take action & do something to stop your clients leaving, you’ll just fade away in to the background along with your crumbing client base..

I decided that I wasn’t going to take it lying down. I needed to take action to set myself apart from the competition.

I noticed three distinct things about the competition that stood out like a sore thumb……

Here’s YOUR chance to steal 25 Epic Bootcamp Games that will SUPER CHARGE your bootcamp  literally over night!

Here’s what bootcamp instructors the world over are saying about Unique Bootcamp Workouts     

One of the coolest things trainers can add for variety are games. No other group training format allows people to play fun (and often silly) games and get fit.

Thinking of new games is always hard, I’m lucky that I have a community of trainers to draw on. You probably don’t, so lucky Leon has put together this collection of detailed games and challenges to use.

from another planet.  They may as well be from another planet, because I’ve never seen anything like them.

This is not just a bunch of exercises thrown together to pass the time – these ideas originate from one of the most passionate and creative bootcamp trainers in the world.

Leon is raising the bar with regard to workouts and games in the fitness industry.  Thanks for sharing this incredible resource.

The book has given me loads of ideas which all my clients love… Read more…

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